2021 Zone Pennant Finals – Grade 5

Last weekend the Grade 5 Pennant Finals were played at Narrandera Bowling Club.

This was played as sectional play in 2 sections 3 teams. The winners of each section would then meet in a Final on Sunday afternoon. The section winners were the teams with the highest number of points. Margins would then be used to determine the winners if teams finished on equal number of points.

In Section 1 we had Narrandera, North Albury and Cootamundra Ex-Services and in Section 2, Gundagai, Ariah Park and Rules Club.

Section 1 Round 1 – Narrandera def North Albury 52-50 (9-1), Section 2 Round 1 Gundagai deft Ariah Park 59-55 (8.5-1.5)

Section 1 Round 2 Cootamundra Ex-Services def North Albury 71-55 (10-0) and with this result North Albury was eliminated from the competition. Section 2 Round 2 Ariah Park def Rules Club 63-49 (9-1).

Section 1 Round 3 Cootamundra Ex-Services def Narrandera 54-42 (9-1) and in Section 2 Rules Club def Gundagai 73-43 (9-1).

At the end of the 3 rounds of sectional play the final standings for both sections were:

Section 1

1st Cootamundra Ex-Services 19.0 + 28, 2nd Narrandera 10.0 – 10, 3rd North Albury 1.0 – 18

Section 2

1st Ariah Park 10.5 + 10, 2nd Rules Club 10.0 + 16, 3rd Gundagai 9.5 – 26

This meant that the final of the Grade 5 Pennant was between Cootamundra Ex-Services and Ariah Park with Cootamundra Ex-Services winning 69-45 thus snaring the Grade 5 title for 2021 and progressing the Bowls New South Wales State Pennant Finals on the 16th to 18th July at Nowra Bowling Club where they will play Marrickville (round 1), Malua Bay (round 2) and Woonona (round 3).

Results and information can be found on the Bowls New South Wales website at